Digimi SDK offers developers and designers the opportunity to incorporate Digimi avatars into their product at minimal work. This can be done via the Digimi Avatar Builder for a complete off the shelf product or via the Gizmoz API which allows developers to access our full avatar creation services from their code.

This document focuses on the Gizmoz API functions for creating Digimi 3D characters. The API enables developers to offer services that automatically reconstructs users’ face photo into 3D heads and delivers them using a variety of output formats: images, 3D objects and even fully animated clips.

The Gizmoz API allows the developer to specify:

  • How to accessorize the head
  • Control the resolution and format of the output
  • Manipulate color and texture information
  • animate the head
  • Export the head into a wide variety of media
  • Detailed activity reporting

The API subsets allow developers to:

  • Log into  the Gizmoz system
  • Retrieve a single asset such as head, accessory, or an asset gallery and manage the partner’s content. All of those are accomplished with the Gizmoz tagging API.
  • Upload assets and start the creation method.

For a basic use of the Gizmoz API there’s no need to use all API functions, however the complete set of API commands provides an enhanced Gizmoz experience. This document describes the entire list of possible functions the developer can utilize.

where to go next?

To get going with the Gizmoz API check out the getting started section.

Developers who are already in development stages go to the API reference for more information.

For any additional queries feel free to contact us.

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