DAZ 3D and Gizmoz present Digimi

The Leading Personalized Avatar-Generator and Library of Creative Assets for Games & Virtual Worlds.

Our tools allow for users to create and personalize a realistic 3D avatar from a single face image. We provide an API to allow our photo realistic head reconstruction capability to be part of any real-time application such as games and virtual worlds.

Digimi offers developers the ultimate platform for generating personalized avatars:

Developer Programming Tools

Incorporating the Digimi API into your application allows you to import 3D photo-realistic heads into your game or virtual world at runtime. Use it to add feature set or to create a basis for micro transactions.

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Game Developer Kit

Digimi created a set of plug ins for Daz Studio to optimize the Daz3D content for your game. Use the Digimi Game Developer Kit to decimate models, adjust textures and export to FBX file format to enrich your game and virtual world content.

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Creative Assets Store

Introducing high quality 3D assets that can be readily incorporated into your projects. We now offer our popular models with extensive figure and face morphing capabilities to allow you ultimate customization capabilities for your game characters.

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Avatar Studio

Digimi offers the best and largest library of creative assets and a wide variety of customization and styling options, such as make up, hair styles, accessories, morphs and more.

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Game Developer Kit


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